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WiseHub provides consulting and high quality managed services. High standards can only be met by having competent and motivated personnel. That is why we employ experts with extensive know-how. Wise Engineers are one of the most qualified professionals on the market and the first adopters of DevOps practices.

Our Services

Want to boost your business? WiseHub offers high quality professional services and consulting. Choose a service and start transformation.


DevOps as a Service

Want to enable DevOps practice in your Organization? Find out how WiseHub DevOps service can really boost your business.

Cloud as a Service

Certified cloud engineers are ready to help your business with public cloud strategy, management and implementation. 

BigData as a Service

Want to be oriented in analytical insights but don't have qualified staff to manage the environment? WiseHub experienced team can help you with that!

MLOps as a Service

Do you want to take ML development to the next level? WiseHub is ready to implement DevOps practices and KPIs in your ML development lifecycle.

Managed IT Services

Do you want to be business-oriented? Delegate your IT operations to WiseHub qualified team and forget about IT challenges.

IT Consulting

Are you struggling with IT strategy and ideas? WiseHub is ready to take your company IT vision to the next level.